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12 amazing bookcases and shelves


Equilibrium bookcase

The Equilibrium bookcase by Malagana Design is a stunning piece of furniture and without doubt a great addition to any living room. No price is mentioned on the website, though it's probably not going to be cheap.


jigsaw spine bookcase

The Jigsaw Spine Bookcase is an affordable bookcase ($199) which looks good and doesn't take up too much space. You can buy it here.



This retro Pacman Bookcase by Italian designer Mirko Ginepro takes back many of us. Unfortunately it appears to be no longer for sale.


Graffititek bookcase

Graffititek bookcase by French designer Charles Kalpakian is an unconventional bookcase which will most certainly draw the attention of anyone passing by.


"Shelf" bookcase

Great idea from designer Da-Eun Song: creating a bookcase from the word "shelf". It doesn't seem to be for sale anywhere though, which is a shame.


D-mension shelf

The D-Mension Shelf is a modular steel/aluminium shelving system which looks really good and can be arranged in any way the owner wants. You can e-mail Icondesignstudio if you want to buy one.


"Lovely Rita"

This amazing Lovely Rita bookshelf can be bought via Hivemodern. Though pricey ($285), this pretty shelf is well worth the investment if you can spare the money.


Storyline bookshelf

Storyline Bookshelf is an original hand-made bookshelf which would make a nice addition to any modern interior. It can be bought at Generate for $399.


Comic bookshelf

The Comic Bookshelf by Fusca Design gives a playfull touch to your interior and can be bought in large and small measurements.


Branch bookshelf

Behold the Branch Bookshelf by Parisian designer Olivier Dollé, bringing a piece of nature to your living room.


Ransa sofa/bookcase combo

The Ransa sofa is a stunning piece of furniture by designer Younes Duret giving you the impression of levitating above the books. Though aesthetically very pleasing, one might find the bookcase a wee bit impractical for being so close to flat on the ground.


R.E.A.D. bookshelf

This bookcase (by an unknown designer) is made up of cut-out letters that spell the word "read". Could be a fun DIY project if you happen to have a huge empty wall in your home.

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